September 1 2011

Episode 4 - Rasta I-deology in the Music of Wingless Angels

In Episode 4, we take a deeper look at Rastafari culture in Jamaica, exploring the Rasta I-deology that runs through the music of Wingless Angels.


June 27 2011

Episode 3 – ‘Shady Tree’ and the Ancient Weave

Written by Justin Hinds and Locksley Whitlock, “Shady Tree” is one of only a handful of original songs by Wingless Angels.  The group’s material is largely adapted from Christian church songs and shares some percussion traits with the Afro-Christian “revival” group tradition.  But “Shady Tree,” with its beautiful chant and tasty guitar and heartbeat rhythm, is the group’s own creation.  This program, we’re looking at how “Shady Tree” is representative of the Rasta tradition of nyahbinghi music and how, through the harmonica and guitar parts, it finds its own direction.


March 28 2011

Episode 2 – Justin Hinds: Foundation of the Artist

This one is all about Justin Hinds, a foundation singer in Jamaican music and a member of Wingless Angels.  We focus on the brilliance of the man’s music and tell some of the story of Wingless Angels from the standpoint of Justin’s career in the 1960s.


November 16 2010

Episode 1 - Entering the world of Wingless Angels

Episode One tells us of the beginnings of the project and how the musicians came together. In future installments we will look more deeply at the history and lineage of Wingless Angels, through interviews, rare music and more.